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Tuesday, April 9, 2013

I'm Leaving NYC!

There it is! After seven inspiring, energized, youthful 20-something years of Brooklyn living, I'm leaving the city. Fittingly, we'll get in the car (the car we have yet to buy) and head West to rural Pullman Washington the month I turn 30. This blog is intended to keep me grounded as I make the move, share a few bits of knowledge as I go through the process, keep friends and family in the loop, and to remind myself that this is actually happening, despite the fact that I haven't told my job and I go through the day acting like everything's normal. I'm pretending so well, I'm almost starting to fool myself! 

But things aren't normal. I got engaged 3 days ago. I got a puppy 9 days ago. Today, I sent in an application for a duplex 2-bedroom apartment in Washington that costs less than half of our rent in Greenpoint. Then I had two phone interviews for potential freelance work. It's all very overwhelming and frankly kind of exhausting. But more importantly, it's pretty exciting.

But before I move into the next phase toward rural life, there are a few things I need to do to wrap things up here nicely. Thus, an NYC bucket list:
  • Visit the cloisters
  • Go to a Nets game
  • See the old City Hall subway stop
  • Watch a movie at the Loewe's theater in NJ
  • Eat dinner at Eleven Madison Park
  • Try Lombardi's pizza
  • See Once on Broadway
  • Gorge at Dinosaur BBQ
Last night, two other items were drunkenly added to the list:
  • Steal the "T" from the Black Rabbit sign
  • Crash a wedding at the Polonaise.
I'm guessing we won't get to most of these. I bet we will not do the last two.

But the good news is, this past week we knocked off two other items: go to Yankee Stadium during opening week and head upstate to zipline at Hunter Mountain. 

It's gonna be quite a ride. Here we go!

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