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Monday, July 1, 2013

Closing Up Shop & Hitting the Road

The final days in New York were fun as the excitement started setting in. Thursday we hit our favorite food spots for the last time -- Ippudo, Luke's Lobster, DBA and all our other East Village favorites with Rob's coworkers. As we waited outside in the rain for a cone at Big Gay Ice Cream I had to wonder if this would be the last time we'd wait in the rain for anything. (Answer: no. See: camping.)

Friday was the last day at work. And it was awesome. I felt immediately lighter when I handed in my work keys. Lighter still when we dropped off our Uhaul pods, gave our keys to the landlords and crumpled up the Metrocard. It's like I'm dropping all this mental baggage I didn't even know I had.

After my last day of work on Friday I went to Spa Castle with the future sis-in-law. As we jumped in pools and sat in saunas and got foot rubs and sat under waterfalls and relaxed in hot tubs I felt like all the stress of the past eight years was just washing away. 

All that relaxation seemed to go to waste on moving day the next day, but at least it ended with pizza at Fornino, a gathering at Alewife and beer on our stoop for the last time.

Sunday morning a goodbye brunch was hosted for us with our closest friends and family. There was an awesome spread, french pressed coffee and lots of good company. I'm so lucky we've had such an awesome support group for everything. (Special thanks to you, Greg.)

Then it was time to hit the road! But first, the difficult task of making room in the completely full car for our furry companion.

Turns out she didn't really like her bed in the backseat and wanted to be up front with us the whole time. She likes to help navigate.

Arcade Fire's Ready to Start was our first road trip song. We drove over the Williamsburg bridge a final time. It felt really epic, like we were building up to something big. I felt overwhelmed. Then we hit some rainy traffic in Manhattan and I went from feeling nostalgic for the city to ready to get outta here ASAP.

When we hit the other side of the Holland Tunnel, everything seemed greener. And then it got brighter. It was like something audibly clicked. All the buildup was done. No more anticipating it. It's here. We're free!

First photo opp: at a scenic overlook somewhere in Pennsylvania.

Racing against time to get to Parker Dam State Park for our first night of camping. The sky was swirling and the fog sat low.

We made it just as the sun was setting. Just enough time to set up the tent, pump up the air mattress and nest-ify the place with a feng-shui'd doggy bed. I had a Clif bar for dinner. I was thinking camping wasn't so bad until we woke up to the sound of heavy rain outside.

I let Rob handle the tent takedown.

I got a previously frozen breakfast sandwich at a gas station. Hot Blooded by Foreigner was playing on the tinny speakers. Seemed it wasn't long ago we were watching them live at Citifield eating gourmet burgers from Shake Shack... and now here I was on the other side already, fresh from a damp campground. Things feel farther away. 

Anyway, we made it to Cleveland. We're in a hotel for the next two nights. 

And Caly likes it already.

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