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Friday, July 5, 2013

Hope Springs Chicago

That title might not make complete sense but the point is... we're seeing the upside of things. 

After we found out our car is at least 4 days out from being ready... and still, there's a 50/50 chance we need a new engine entirely, which could take "months"... we set out to find a nice campground near the Indiana National Lakeshore nearby. The place was completely full, and the camp guy said most places in the area will also be full, since it's a "holiday weekend and all." So we went to a Starbucks parking lot to regroup and think it over with an iced caramel macchiato and we decided that we may as well head back to Chicago for a few days. 

So here we are.

We got a nice hotel in the center of the city this time -- no airport hotel 40 minutes away. 

Took Dr. Waggins to this little dog park right around the corner.

Then we Goose Island beers at Bull & Bear while we waited for our table at Lou Malnati's. Which was completely worth the wait. The other day we had deep dish from Gino's, which was eh, but this is the real stuff -- flaky crust, creamy, almost milky cheese, the boom-pow of garlic from spinach and the salty pepperoni. Pizza and beer -- the answer to everything.  It used to be Six Point and Fornino, but Goose Island and deep dish works pretty well, too. 

Tomorrow we regroup again. We probably won't stay here in this hotel unless the dealership will cover it (which they SHOULD, because they didn't tighten the BOLT properly that got us INTO this mess, but that's another story.) Either way we'll probably stay in Chicago, see a few more sights, try to keep our sanity. We're doing ok so far, little rumblings of meltdowns are threatening, but it's far enough below the surface for now. Here's hoping we can stay! 

I mean, look how comfy the queen is.

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